Side Hustle Gems Affiliates Earn 75% Commission

Welcome to my resource page for affiliates.

side hustle gems cover small My product Side Hustle Gems was written to help inspire those looking to turn their passions and hobbies into potentially lucrative side hustles. The book contains 10 case studies which outline the side hustling strategies of entrepreneurs who have proved their business model.

Please use the resources on this page (email swipes) to help with your promotions and feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about promoting my product.

How Much Will I Make?

When you promote Side Hustle Gems as an affiliate you will be making a healthy 75 percent commission on every sale that you refer.

The product currently sells for $27. This means you get to keep approximately $17.98 of every sale (once my sales processor takes its small cut).

How Often Will I Be Paid?

Because ClickBank® manages the affiliate program for my program (see the next section) the customer actually pays ClickBank directly and they in turn pay you. That means your commission is credited to you the moment the sale is processed.

You are never waiting on me to pay you. ClickBank pays you every two weeks, like clockwork. If there are any refunds to be handled (very infrequent with my program), ClickBank handles that too.

It is a simple system and it works incredibly well for both affiliates and merchants.

Affiliate URL To Sales Page

Because I am using ClickBank to sell my book you only need to sign up as a ClickBank affiliate, get your affiliate nickname and you will be ready to go. The affiliate URL you will need to use to promote the book will look just like this:

Note that the product identifier is the pid variable, which is 122 for this title.

All you need to do is replace "nickname" in this URL with your actual ClickBank nickname.

Note that this STANDARD affiliate URL takes visitors directly to the SALES PAGE for the product.

ClickBank also allows you to specify an optional tracking ID, so that you can figure out which campaigns are making you sales. I strongly recommend that you get into the habit of keeping tabs on your referrals this way, since in the long run it will help you establish profitable campaigns. ClickBank allows you to specify a tracking ID with the query string variable tid, so that if your tracking ID was facebookad123 for a particular campaign (say, on facebook) then you would add tracking like this for that campaign:

Note that tracking IDs in ClickBank consist ONLY of letters and digits. On the remainder of this page you will find material to help you with your promotions.

Email Swatches

The following set of email swipes are intended for the promotion of Side Hustle Gems.

Be sure to change the NAME, NICKNAME (appears in URLs) and SIGNOFF strings to, respectively, the auto responder tag for the first name field, your ClickBank nickname, and your own name.


#1 - How do you get money out of your phone? Copy this girl.
#2 - She had the gift of the gab, and figured out how to monetize it.
#3 - He was just a college student, then his side hustle blew up.


#1 - He failed 22 times straight. Then he hit it out of the park.
#2 - How many times would you be willing to fail if a hundred grand was on the line?


#1 - How to turn a 10-cent disposable bathroom item into a fortune.
#2 - Could you turn a glue gun into a business? One woman did.

Cover Art

Here is the cover of the book, reproduced in a few different sizes for you to grab and insert into your promotions.

side hustle gems cover medium side hustle gems cover small side hustle gems cover tiny

Affiliate Conduct

Before you start promoting my product, I only have one request: Please don't "spam" people.

And I am not just talking about the illegal kind (see the clarification on spamming below).

I am also talking about the overall approach taken to promoting my products. Please make sure that you are not being "hypey", or unrealistic when you contact your subscribers or client-base, publish ads/articles or otherwise drive targeted traffic.

Your target audience should be anyone interested in learning how to capitalize on their natural skills, talents, passions, and hobbies to begin a potentially lucrative side hustle.

OK, good luck with your promotions.

And don't forget, if you have any questions about promotional activities, feel free to contact me and I will get back to you shortly thereafter (though do note that I am based in New Zealand, so I could well be asleep when you email :)

Carolyn Hansen

Author, Fitness Centre Owner & National Champion Bodybuilder

Clarification of the term Spamming
You are prohibited from promoting this product by spamming - including, but not limited to, unsolicited commercial email broadcasts, forum/newsgroup crossposting, blog-spamming, solicitation on classifieds sites, social network spamming and otherwise contacting anyone without their prior permission. Please visit to learn more about ethical marketing practices, guidelines and laws.

Any affiliates caught spamming will be immediately reported to ClickBank

See ClickBank's specific rules and regulations regarding affiliate promotion here