Tips to Boost Productivity and Relieve Stress…


Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to increase productivity and be the “best they can be” at their business/craft.

They are fully aware that the health of their business requires the health of their body and mind first. No one can make wise decisions when their bodies and minds are preoccupied with trying to get healthy.


Productivity requires both the body and mind to work together at peak performance.


Since all decisions affect our lifespan and the quality of life we lead, we must learn to treat our bodies as a business. One that requires attention and the proper tools to run efficiently.

Check out these 7 lifestyle choices that not only increase your productivity but boost your resistance to stress. Stress is an energy thief. Less stress means more productivity.


First and foremost, you must…

Believe –

You must first be in the right mindset that understands and accepts that health is your greatest asset and cannot be compromised. Exercise must be viewed as a mandatory activity because a healthy body cultivates a healthy mind and it must be supported with a healthy, natural diet.

Schedule –

It is ultimately important to schedule your healthy lifestyle choices (such as your fitness routines) on your calendar the same way you would any business appointment/schedule. This places priority status in your mind and your exercise sessions become a scheduled “appointment” rather than a negotiable activity.

Evaluate –

It’s important to track how your feel, how you eat/sleep, how much you weight and how much energy you have. This clues you into whether your lifestyle choices are working or not. If you are not happy with the results then it will be up to you to make changes, modify and improve your fitness and nutritional plans.

Get back on the train –

Understand from the get-go that you will “fall off the wagon” at some point. It’s just part of being human. This is a blessing if you look at it with the right perception. The energy it takes to life yourself up and get back on track will boost your resolve and make you stronger.

And, finally, why not create a…

“Stress Relief Toolbox?”

Simply make a list of the healthiest ways you can think of to relax and recharge then try and implement one or more of these ideas each day even on days when you’re already feeling good. This is how it becomes a habit. Here’s some examples to get you going…

Go for a walk –

Fresh air and sunshine does amazing things for your spirit.

Spend time in nature –

Like walking outdoors, spending time in nature reconnects us with this powerful force. Even a brisk, short walk will do wonders. Fresh air, vitamin D (from the sun) and exercise…the perfect formula for health and success.

Connect with a good friend –

Contact someone you trust and share some quality time. Your spirit will respond.

Write in your journal –

Your journal can be your best friend. It’s always there for you no matter your mood. You might be surprised at how it can clear your mind when you release your thoughts into it.

Play with a pet –

Because their love is unconditional, they are a joy to be around. We can release all our made up personas and just “be ourselves.”

Get a massage –

It’s time to treat yourself – to pamper you. Loving you is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

Take a nice hot bath –

Like the above, take some quality time just for “you.” The rewards you feel will be worth it. Light some beautiful aromatherapy candles and relax into “peace of mind.”

Listen to your favorite music –

Music more than anything can incite moods. Listen to something uplifting – something that touches your inner spirit and makes you happy.

Watch a comedy –

TV is not all bad. Sometimes it’s the perfect avenue to lift lagging spirits and help us put things into perspective. Many comedies poke fun at life and this helps us to do the same. Turn on your favorite comedy and have a good laugh.

Work in your garden –

Like taking a nature walk, it’s therapeutic to work with living things. The energy we feel is healing.

The important thing is to stay active during your day.


Sedentary lifestyles shorten your lifespan. They are age accelerators. Staying active (with some sort of strength training involved) combined with smart, healthy eating is key to enjoying a long, healthy life. Healthy living is key to productivity – it’s hard to be productive from a hospital bed.

Start your day right with a super healthy breakfast. Then keep your energy levels up and your mind clear and sharp with balanced and nutrition meals and snacks throughout your day.

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