Build a Positive Mindset Team

An important element to anyone’s “tool-chest for success” is building a positive mindset team.

Are you familiar with this saying?

“You are the sum of the five people closest to you?”

Before you “poo-poo” this idea, stop and reflect a bit. It is a very powerful saying that is oh so true. Take a good, close look at who you are closest to in your life and without a doubt, you discover that you have very similar habits and lifestyle preferences, or you are at least on you’re way to matching them.

It’s time to give some serious thought to who you surround yourself with don’t you think?

If you are trying to improve your overall lifestyle to a healthier you, for example, and you surround yourself with people who are not focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but consistently make poor food choices concerning diet and never workout in any way, you’ve made your journey twice as hard as it needs to be!

It’s much harder to maintain your healthy position when there is a tempting pizza right in front of you.

Most people, if put in this position cave, and that’s why it’s essential that they distance themselves from anyone who is not on board with similar health goals, at least at the beginning of your journey, when you are more vulnerable to set-backs.

If the people you surround yourself with are not mirroring what you want to have in your own personal life, you are just making things harder for yourself.

This is why, when focused on changing your mindset from a negative to a more positive one, the very first thing that needs tending is to take a close, honest assessment of those who are around you.

Ask yourself:

Are the people you are surrounding yourself with the ones who also maintain a positive mindset?

Are these people consonantly looking for ways to improve themselves – ways to grow as an individuals?

Are they involved with regular learning, regular action taking to improve their lives, and do they maintain a high degree of positivity on a day to day basis?

Now, this does not mean that you should ditch your closest friends that may not be 100% positive. However, if you find that your five closest people aren’t the positive action-taker and go-getter’s that you want to become yourself, then you simply may want to consider how much time you spend around them and start looking to connect with other people that are more oriented in this manner.

Remember, everyone, including you will go through some tough times when you just want to toss in the towel. Having positive people in yourlife, especially those who have been through similar situations, can help provide valuable tips and advice to make it easier for you.

Start now to build a support team – these people can come from anywhere, even those you meet and converse with online count. Surround yourself with these people and then you will be seeing a major difference in how your feel and how you approach your own life.

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Physical Fitness and Productivity Go Hand-in-Hand

Most people multitask to increase their productivity. Unfortunately, multi-tasking is not the friend they thought it was and definitely does not increase any productivity.

Although doing multiple things at once may make us feel like a super-productive super-stars, research shows that we are actually terrible multi-taskers – that we are biologically incapable of processing attention-rich inputs simultaneously.

In fact, recent studies have proven that people who are regularly bombarded with several streams of information at once have difficulty paying attention, recalling information and switching from one task to another compared to those who focus is solely on one task at a time.

The truth is, when overloaded with information and tasks, instead of focusing on the really essential important things, we try and get everything done.  Anyway you look at it, we’re splitting our energy and it becomes less effective.

 No one can really multitask well and those who attempt it could lose up to 40 percent of their productivity trying. The very opposite of what they are trying to do.

True productivity is all about single-tasking. We need to learn to focus our energy and attention on one task at a time, much like a laser beam – living in the moment. We must shift focus from being “busy” to being productive.

Being fully immersed in any task at hand, imparts quality, creativeness and focus. We automatically become more productive.

All this takes focused self-discipline. Most of us could use a bump in self-discipline…it’s something you just can’t have enough of.

And, one of the best ways to build confidence and self-discipline…is through physical fitness.

Exercise is empowering. It not only has the ability to make us healthier and look and feel better, but can also help boost our mental abilities, making us a lot more focused.

Benefits that help improve focus:

  • Improving mental cognition and ability to focus by increasing blood flow and growth factors to your brain. Exercise increases blood pressure and blood flow everywhere in the body, including the brain. The results are more energy and oxygen, making our brains perform better.
  • Producing new blood cells – increasing the empire of your brain.
  • Works out your attention muscle – improves “brain circuitry that underlies your ability to think and learn.”
  • Mood, memory, energy levels and impulse control (factors that influence how focused you are) all benefit. Bottom line is, those who engage in regular workouts tend to be less stressed overall, more positive and have real excitement for life. They look forward to tackling new challenges.

Participating in a regular fitness program not only enhances our self-discipline, but teaches us how to manage our energy better which leads to enhanced productivity in all areas of our lives. With disciplined action, we learn where to put our energy for maximum results. We also discover that some things are just not worth expending energy over if they do not have a high enough pay off in regards to moving us towards our goals.

You must understand that personal energy is an expendable resource.

Once it’s gone, it’s gone. We are all allotted so much per day so it’s essential that it’s devoted towards tasks that really matter – the ones that pay off the most.

We must be willing to give up our busyness –  the tweets, texts, emails and other incessant interruptions, in exchange for healthier stress levels, happiness, sanity and productivity.

Productivity is something that many people struggle with, however, it’s also something that with a bit of hard work and self-disciplined focus, you can develop and increase. Ironically the same thing that helps to boost our productivity, is the one thing that automatically increases our energy quota!

We all get the same 24 hours a day, it’s how we use those 24 hours that determines the level of success we see.

Learning to focus our precious time and energy on what’s really important is key to instantly improving our productivity and physical fitness is the key that gets us there.

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Learning is a “Process” not an End…

The ability to stay hungry and keep learning is as necessary and important a trait for anyone following the entrepreneurship path as perseverance and patience are.

Successful entrepreneurs thrive on the “experience” of learning.

In fact, possibly the greatest entrepreneur of all, Richard Branson himself states on Twitter that “Entrepreneurs must keep learning.” You think he knows something?

Learning is not just about what’s between the pages of a book cover. Although formal education plays into the process of success, it’s only part of the equation. What you learn between the covers of a book are only the beginning of your journey.


It’s not the “formal education” that makes you smart or successful but the ongoing seduction/learning that you embrace after leaving school.


Entrepreneurial Tips:

Successful entrepreneurs are always looking for new ideas to try and open themselves to expert advice by seeking out mentors in their respective fields. They know that continual learning is mandatory for continual success and seek out experts that can bring fresh new insights to whatever their current challenge is.

Successful entrepreneurs are open-minded, they do not get stuck in the successes or defeats of “yesterday.” They do not live in the past, but are ready and willing to explore new terrain and open themselves to new possibilities.

Successful entrepreneurs act boldly in any situation, and recover quickly from any supposed “set-back” learning what they need to/can and moving onto new territory.


Learning is a fun, amazing, mind-expanding, question-opening tool that transforms you into a better, more well-informed successful person/business person.

Learning is mandatory. It’s what brings excitement, fun, freshness and success to everything you do. Learning is evolution in process, you’re either in the process of evolving or you’re dying.


In this rapidly changing world – appropriately termed “information age,” information is readily available and moves at a rapid pace through the web. It is the perfect avenue to expand expertise and knowledge in any field or passion. Websites, blogs, webinars, seminars and ebooks all offer opportunities to open yourself to learning and expanding your knowledge base.

Failure to an entrepreneur is “par for the course” and part of the learning and growing process. Truth is, if you’re not improving, someone else is. 

Entrepreneurs don’t view learning as an “option” but as an “opportunity.” They don’t fall back on excuses but look for ways through any obstacle that may surface. And, they value those that have gone before and are not afraid to tap into their knowledge to access the “fast path” and avoid potential roadblocks or mistakes.

The reality is, if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse. Surround yourself with “those in the know” …literally. The more you surround yourself with experienced or highly skilled people the more knowledge you open yourself to and the quicker your own growth.

Remember, positive people feel good about themselves and this translates to self-confidence and strong self-esteem. 

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Actions Turn Visions into Realty…

Vision and Action

Pushing through hard times takes lots of courage, determination, resilience, patience and tenacity among other healthy virtues.


Hard times are frustrating at best but everyone has to face them at some point. How you deal with them – as a victim or someone in control – determines whether or not your life is impacted in a positive or negative way.


The best way to stay on track in any endeavor and come out ahead is to have a “game plan” in place before you begin that you can turn to, one that helps you push through and promote the proper positive mindset despite the “seemingly” worst kinds of circumstances that you might be confronted with in your journey.

“Game-plan” is the keyword here. Your “game-plan” is essentially your “action plan.” Having an “action plan” in place helps to keep you moving forward – it gives you something to focus on and reach for.



Action plans are simple enough to put into place…

Start the process by thinking about what your situation is, where you currently are and where you would like to be going.

Now, ask yourself “how can I get there?”

What steps can I take that will move me in a positive direction towards my goal?

Let’s face the truth, no one has ever created anything by sitting on a chair and thinking about it. Imagining something is the first step in the creative process, and a very powerful one, but it does not end there. You must take your creation from your creative “inner screen” of imagination to the outer world of form and you do that by taking action.

Taking action lifts you out of “thinking/dwelling” on your situation – a passive bystander with little or no control – to one who takes action by putting forth solid effort to move themselves forward.


Action is the step that moves “energy” in the physical realm. Action steps energize you and make you feel better – they put you in control and erase any feelings of being a “victim.”


When you feel in control of your destiny and your future – you also feel empowered.

Think of it this way:

You’ve imagined writing a book. So, you wait and you wait for the right moment, but the right moment never comes. because, unfortunately, you’re trying to create from the outside in. That’s backwards. 


The correct process is to start writing your book, start moving the energy – and watch as the right moment reveals itself and the words begin to flow forth once you take action.

Connect your action step with your “inner vision” and watch as magic happens.


Sit on the sidelines and wait for the “right moment” and your book never happens. It’s the action step that finishes the creative equation.

Dreaming of a lean body with strong muscles and healthy bones? You’ll never get there by dreaming about it. Create an action plan, set it in place and most important of all, put it into play (don’t be afraid or too proud to ask for help when needed. Each one of us contributes a different perspective to issues and that “someone” may very well have the answer you are seeking). But, you’ll never know if you are too stubborn to “ask.”

If you are having trouble sticking to your exercise routines or getting yourself to the gym, it might be time to indulge the help of a personal trainer to get you physically and mentally back on track. If emotional eating is an issue with you, seek help from a counselor that deals in those sorts of issues. Receiving help from experts, helps us to regain control and begin moving in the right direction quickly and efficiently.

Most of all, remember that everything we do, provides a valuable lesson learned, information that we’ll use going forward. All experiences are learning experiences that help us to grow and become better individuals. Every experience should end by reflecting inward on what has been learned through the experience and how it can help you to further position yourself in the direction you want to go.

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Your Thoughts Dictate Your Actions…

The human mind is an amazing tool. It generates both positive and negative thoughts and there is always a conflict between them. What wins out is shown through our actions and behavior towards things. If our mind is full of positive ideas on dealing with everyday life, our way of thinking also becomes positive, if it is full of negative thinking then that is what plays out.

Positive Thoughts –

We can define the term “positive” as confident, optimistic and focused on good things as opposed to bad things. Therefore, positive thoughts are those that bring confidence, optimism and focus to us as an individual. Positive thought breeds a positive outlook in life.

Optimistic, positive thinking includes thoughts such as: “I am smart. I am open to new ideas and knowledge,” “I stand out in a crowd with my magnetic smile” and of course “I can, therefore I will.”

Simple “I can’s and I am’s” are the perfect way to start cultivating a mind filled with positive thoughts.

Negative Thoughts –

Negative is the opposite of positive. You could define it as “being pessimistic or tending to have an undesirable outlook.” These types of “mind thoughts” are nonconstructive ideas that discourage us from being someone or doing something. They pull us down so we are unlikely to believe in ourselves or in what we do and achieve.

When we formulate limiting beliefs about what is possible for us to accomplish, our response is to limit and bind any actions we take. As a result, the results we experience are limited.

Negative thoughts are evil and many times observable on the faces of people entertaining them. No, not, don’t, can’t, won’t and what ifs are all types of negative thinking that destroy rather than create. These types of limited thoughts hold you back and build a wall between you and your goals. They keep you from doing something without even trying.

Truth is, our minds our boundless when it comes to generating thoughts. When an issue occurs, it immediately goes to work making a list of all possible solutions, regardless of whether they are acceptable or unacceptable or even possible.

It’s at this point of disturbance that the clash begins. The positive thought “yes, I can” and the negative thought “no, I can’t” compete. The accepted and prized thought is what then moves into action. If our belief is that we are likely to fail, then the subconscious gets to work producing actions that support this belief. On the flip side, when we trust we’re going to succeed then then our subconscious goes to work setting the table for success.

It is our actions that speak loud and clear and reveal what kind of thoughts have been dominating our minds. These are the thoughts we carry around and entertain on a daily basis. If there is something that needs working out, it is not our actions that need tending to first…but our thoughts which lead to those actions.

We must get life working for us. Since all our behavior results from the thoughts that precede it, our focus should not be on the “behavior” exhibited but the thing that is causing this behavior…our thoughts.

Both positive and negative thinking have power over us. It’s entirely up to us which one we choose to empower us since both shape our future and create out destiny…just bringing different results.

Always keep in mind the fact that your thoughts are more important than the actions you take. If you keep yourself in a constant positive frame of mind, you will be able to keep your motivation to achieve optimal health strong and resilient. With strong motivation behind you, achieving your goals becomes much easier.

Remember, positive people feel good about themselves and this translates to self-confidence and strong self-esteem. 

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What Your Priority List Reveals About Your Self-Worth…


What your priority list reveals about your self-worth and how your self-worth dictates priority list… they are intimately linked.

Getting to the root of why you are not presently taking healthy consistent actions to permanently solve your body and health problems takes some seriously honest self-reflection. 

In order to make health and fitness a primary objective, the first thing you must do is examine how you “value” yourself, your self-esteem. What is your self-worth and what’s on top of your priority list?

That’s all that really matters and the standard from which your actions spring from. It effects every area of your life.

The reality is, you are the only person you can control and the only person that can benefit from your passion to live a much higher quality of life is YOU. YOU are the one empowered to do so for yourself, no one else can touch your controls.

You must consciously, with intent, make up your mind and decide without waver that YOU really do deserve to look and feel your best and then take the proper action steps towards getting there. You must stop treating your health and fitness as an option that is out of your control and embrace the fact that greater mentality and emotional health with higher levels of energy are your birthright. You must make them the priority and place them at the top of your “value list” rather than simply taking them for granted.

You must “perceive it” from the point of view that settling for anything less than the best for yourself is nothing less than disrespectful and undeserving of yourself. You are worth way more than that.

That’s the attitude you need to nurture and own.

When you shift how you view yourself (your perspective), you automatically place your health and fitness at the top of your “value scale.” They become your priorities rather than disposable tasks. You begin making healthier decisions automatically because you are coming from healthier perspectives about yourself.

When you make the firm decision to leave your “unhealthy, feel bad body” and go after a “feel good, strong, energetic, fit body” you make a declaration about who you are and what you are prepared to accept for your life.



This means you will no longer settle for nor will you continue to spend your days enjoying anything less than excellent health and high levels of energy.

Don’t fall into the trap that snares others who end up suffering poor health physically and emotionally. Even if health has never been a priority in your life before now, you can begin right this moment, no matter what your age to making good healthy decisions concerning your life and daily habits.

Never settle for less…remember your value. Putting your health and fitness first is about looking after YOU.

You know in your heart that “nothing good in life will simply drop into your lap” – you must decide what you want from life, and then take action to GET IT.

No one is empowered to flip this “switch” inside of you, but you. This is your “journey to health and fitness” – you are in control and it begins with your values.

To effect real change in your life, you must supply the reasons, the motivations for doing so. If you don’t value yourself enough to believe you deserve something, you will never be motivated to earnestly reach for it.

Health is the greatest wealth you can achieve and the grand-prize for achieving it is “living.” It is the greatest single investment you can ever make.

Your personal health is the most valuable possession you have and without it no other possession has meaning. If you truly value yourself and your health then “go for it”…take the necessary action steps required to bring it into manifestation. Every single day is under your control and open to new possibilities.

Maintaining a healthy, fit, lifestyle is a commitment to regular exercise and healthy eating on an ongoing basis. Don’t wait for a health crisis/diagnosis to shock you into placing “value” where it needs to be. Do everything you can to stay healthier longer now.

Love and value yourself, know your self-worth and honor it. Everything else including your health, fitness and happiness will follow suit.

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Lifestyle Choices That Increase Productivity


Our health is built on four pillars: physical activity (exercise), nutrition, mindset and stress management.

These components are closely interlinked and completely dependent on one another. They are the foundations of good health and wellness.

Entrepreneurs who consciously work at being fit and healthy enjoy many benefits beyond the physical. They enjoy unshakeable confidence. And unshakeable confidence is mandatory when influencing others and running a successful business.

When you feel healthy, you exude a certain “aura”…it shows. A high level of confidence comes across and you come across as being secure in yourself. You’ll be more certain about what you are saying when trying to influence others.

The level of confidence you achieve after putting in time and effort with healthy eating and exercise is like no other. It is an investment in yourself that you will never regret.

In addition to regular exercise and healthy eating, there are numerous lifestyle choices that increase your productivity and your attitude for better business along with boosting your resistance to stress.


Strategies you can easily put into play on a daily basis that increase productivity…


Wrap your brain around the conviction that your health is your greatest asset and you cannot compromise it. Make exercise a priority. A healthy body helps to cultivate a healthy mind. A healthy mind is a productive mind.

Explore and Strategise

Decide where you are going to work out as well as the frequency, time of day and if you are going to have a workout partner.


Set up your calendar and include your exercise schedule. If it’s on your calendar, you’re much more likely to stick to it and get it done. Treat these times as “non-negotiable.”


Keep track of your progress – how you feel, how you eat/sleep, how much weight you gain and how much energy you have. Evaluate how things are progressing after 2-3 weeks. If the program you adopted does not seem to be working, it’s time to make changes and improve it. If necessary, pay a trainer to get you on track and stick to your fitness plan. After 2-3 months of consistent hard work, you’ll enjoy a priceless exercise habit.

Stay Active

Humans were not created to sit motionless for hours in front of a TV or computer. A sedentary lifestyle only opens the door to bigger health problems. Sitting for a long period of time is linked to obesity, metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, high blood sugar and excess body fat.

Take breaks every hour for at least 5 minutes. Get a drink of water, stretch out breathe deeply and do some jumping jack, squats or push-ups to get your heart pumping and your blood flowing. This not only energizes you, but it reboots your metabolic motor.

There are many built-in ways to be physical during every day. We just don’t take advantage of them. When you are out, rather than choosing the closest parking spot…choose the one farthest away. Include as much incidental exercise whenever possible. When you have a choice of taking the stairs or elevator…choose the stairs.

Be Aware of Stress Levels

Stress opens the door to a myriad of health issues and problems including fatigue, depression and anxiety. Failing to manage this all-too-prevalent component of an entrepreneur’s life can have devastating consequences. Believe it or not, 70 percent of hospital admissions can be traced back to unmanaged stress. This is not a healthy successful business strategy! Reduce stress by making time for fun and relaxation. You’ll be in a better place to handle life’s stressors.

Eat Healthy

Well-nourished bodies are better prepared to cope with stress so be mindful of what you eat. Start your day out with a healthy breakfast and keep your energy levels up and your mind clear with balanced, nutritious meals throughout the day.

Get Enough Sleep

Deep, restful sleep is what fuels your mind as well as your body. Feeling tired increases stress and fogs your mind causing you to think irrationally.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors

Fresh air is good for us. Force yourself outside to get fresh air, vitamin D and exercise. Even a short brisk walk is enough to recharge your energy and clear your mind.

We should think of our body as a power unit, a macro economy that consists of multiple small enterprises. If you optimize the input to your body’s cells, you will gain maximum output and use the energy you have to the best advantage and in our case, building a business and lifestyle that is enjoyable, viable and sustainable for the long haul.

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Boost Your Motivational Levels


Motivation is a magical energy. It is literally the “desire” to do something. The energy that pushes us forward. It can take us from no action to intense action in a split second it’s that powerful. It ebbs and flows like any other energy. Some days it feels more easily “on than others.

The crucial element in setting and reaching goals is without a doubt, motivation.

Lack this empowered feeling and what should be “ten pounds of weight” towards reaching a goal turns into an easy “fifty pounds” of heavy lifting.

The good news is, no one is permanently attached to any level of motivation they currently have. Research shows you are empowered and can influence your own levels of motivation and self-control.

There are creative tools you can use that will help boost your motivational levels so you can enjoy greater levels of success.


Motivational Tips to Keep You Committed


Play with others of like mind

If you don’t currently enjoy a circle of at least five people that you can surround yourself with that support and share your health and fitness goals, it’s time for you to actively find some. Surrounding yourself with people who are committed to leading active lifestyles will have a very positive effect at keeping you focused and committed towards your own health and fitness goals. Nearly all cities and large towns have fitness minded groups you can join. You can get together and enjoy fitness minded ventures as you socialize. It’s a win-win situation.


Challenge yourself to an event or race

If running is something you enjoy, enroll yourself in a race/event of some sort. If it’s swimming or walking, look for like-minded events. There are numerous kinds of races available now so finding one that meets your specific interests should not be that hard. Challenging yourself with a race will also provide you an alternate purpose for training. You won’t be doing it just to look and feel better but to achieve satisfactory results in your race.


Employ Smart Goal setting process

If your goals are not formulated properly, it will be much harder to reach them. Consider using the SMART goal setting process. SMART goals are: specific, measurable, attainable, and relevant and have a specific timeline in place. If your goal dos not satisfy these requirements then it’s time to set a new goal for yourself.

Make sure you continually reevaluate your goals as you make progress. Every 6-8 weeks take time to update them and adjust them to what’s most important in your life right now.


Keep an action log

chfitness0Keeping track of your progress in one form or another – pictures or journaling is the perfect avenue) and mandatory for motivational success. By writing down or documenting in some way the reps, sets, weight and so on that you do each day at the gym, you’ll have important tangible evidence that you are in fact getting stronger each time and moving closer to your goal.  This becomes the perfect inspirational tool to embrace on days when you feel as though you are not making the progress you hoped for.

Use a workout log for writing your workouts down.


Try new activities on a regular basis

Make sure you are taking the time to try new activities as you move through your exercise program. Try a new form of cardio training, possibly something you’ve never done before. Or, simply add some new strength training moves to your current workout routine. Whatever you choose…change is good.


Stay educated

It’s important to stay up to date on all the latest fitness information and theories because this takes you a long way towards staying committed. Increase your knowledge by reading fitness magazines on or offline. Doing this helps you to maintain the fitness and healthy mindset you need to call on when you are out of the gym. In effect, it allows you to “live it.”

Remember, motivational levels ebb and flow…they come and go.

This is natural and even the most motivated person will experience days when they cannot seem to “get motivated.” That’s all normal and fine. However, if your motivation starts to slip for days on end, you’ll need to take serious steps to get it back on track again.

“Just do it!” should be your mantra…

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Empower Your Mind and Body Using Exercise



healthy mind healthy body

If you’re trying to be the best at what you do, no matter what that might be, you must learn to connect on a deeper level with your “inner self” because that’s where the “power controls” are located.

Different forms of meditation such as sitting and walking meditation can help you do just that.

However, there is another empowering way to getting acquainted with your “inner power center,” your intuitive voice. It is every bit as powerful as meditation is and readily available to everyone alike – that key is exercise.

In order to “hear” our inner voice of intuition we must quiet the demanding louder voice that constantly controls our attention and emotional reactions and exercise empowers us to do just that.


Mind Powerchfitness-health

Exercise strengthens our ability to control the mind. When we exercise, breathe deeply and get our hearts pumping and pounding, we actually force out lower annoying thoughts and emotions that are trying to control us. This allows the quieter “inner voice” of intuition to be heard.

Approximately forty-five minutes of challenging exercise, pulsing new energy throughout our bodies, expands the mind and invites in a much bigger, expanded and more amazing vision of our life purpose.

Exercise empowers us to rise above our “lazy” inclinations and take hold of our selfish demanding egos. It forces the rapid circulation of oxygen and blood through our brain causing our perceptions to shift and expand. No longer do mental limits and borders present barriers as our new perceptions invite “new expanded possibilities” into our conscious space.

Exercise boosts our energy reserves and is key to releasing powerful endorphin’s. These feel-good chemicals flood our brains with “good feelings.” When our brains are filled to the brim with “happy thoughts” and open to expanded possibilities, any negative, lack filled or poverty type of conscious thinking gets blocked from taking hold.

You can’t put negative thoughts into a space that is already occupied and filled by positive thoughts.

The euphoric feeling that exercise provides us makes us feel unstoppable no matter what we do.

It’s impossible to mention every form of exercise because there is such a hug variety. Each person needs to reflect upon their personal needs and goals and listen to what their bodies are telling them and gravitate towards it.

Whatever it is, it must include fun in the definition. In other words, choose something you enjoy doing long-term so that you stick with it. If you find your exercise routine too difficult or totally non-enjoyable, it will become a thing of the past very fast.

No matter what your goals are or what visions you may hold in your heart – be they job related, financial, health, or personal relationships, exercise is key to busting through any current limitations that may be hindering your progress.

Don’t be a victim to your lower mind thoughts, super health is at your finger-tips.

best-youExercise is the key to releasing powerful endorphins and raising your vibration higher, flooding your mind with empowering, motivating, happy, successful thoughts.

The Law of Attraction is a powerful law that has captured the attention of millions and catapulted the word “manifesting” to new dimensions.

When you embrace exercise as a mandatory daily activity, it allows you to live at a higher vibration. Living at a higher vibration allows manifesting to almost become magical and effortless because the negative “thought blockages” have been cleared.

If “manifesting” health, wealth, and lasting loving relationships is important to you, look no further than your next workout.

Remember, positive people feel good about themselves and this translates to self-confidence and strong self-esteem.

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Surround Yourself With Positive People and Set Yourself Up for Success

chfitness0“If you want to know who you are, take a look at your friends.” Familiar with that saying? Or how about “you are the sum of the five people closest to you?”

Both are powerful sayings that are very true. If you take a look at who is closest to you in your life, you will come to find that you have very similar habits and lifestyle preferences as they do, if not immediately then you’re likely on your way to matching their energy and choices in the near future.

And, that’s why it’s ultimately important that you give serious thought to who you surround yourself with and exchange energy with.

If those that you currently fill your life and time with are not mirroring what you want to manifest in your own personal life then you are just making things harder for yourself. Sort of like trying to “swim up-stream” against the tide.

Successful entrepreneurs know this. They are positive people who surround themselves with people who are also positive by nature and positive about their lives and careers, those who bolster and boost that good feeling rather than destroy it.

Truth is, when focused on shifting your mindset from one focused on the negative to one focused on the positive the very first thing you need to address is your own environment and those you are sharing your time and energy with.

Are they taking regular consistent actions that improve their lives? Are they actively learning and do they maintain a high degree of positivity on a day to day basis? If the answer to these questions is no, you’ll be in for a much harder journey ahead.

Understand, this isn’t about ditching friends that are not 100 percent positive, it’s about searching out those that are extreme, that drag you down and doing something about it.

Always focus on the good that people bring into your life…focus on how you feel when you are with them. If the energy shifts to “negative” then you may want to consider how much future time you spend around them. You may want to start looking for new connections, those who’s positive attitude and energy help keep you lifted, confident and feeling good about yourself.

There are infinite amount of groups or classes available locally to most people where they can meet others who share interests, a similar frame of mind and are striving towards similar goals.

The reality is, anytime you are sharing “space” with someone else you are also exchanging energy. So, position yourself for better success by surrounding yourself with those who also desire that. At the same time, you’ll also be building a strong support team around you for when “harder times” hit and you need a bit of a lift.

These people can come from anywhere…they might be your personal trainer, someone you are sharing a class with, a family member or close friend or even an online forum, as long as they represent and possess precisely what it is that you are looking for in your own self they will nurture those qualities in you.

Remember, positive people feel good about themselves and this translates to self-confidence and strong self-esteem. That’s what you want to attract in your life.

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