Build a Positive Mindset Team

An important element to anyone’s “tool-chest for success” is building a positive mindset team.

Are you familiar with this saying?

“You are the sum of the five people closest to you?”

Before you “poo-poo” this idea, stop and reflect a bit. It is a very powerful saying that is oh so true. Take a good, close look at who you are closest to in your life and without a doubt, you discover that you have very similar habits and lifestyle preferences, or you are at least on you’re way to matching them.

It’s time to give some serious thought to who you surround yourself with don’t you think?

If you are trying to improve your overall lifestyle to a healthier you, for example, and you surround yourself with people who are not focused on maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but consistently make poor food choices concerning diet and never workout in any way, you’ve made your journey twice as hard as it needs to be!

It’s much harder to maintain your healthy position when there is a tempting pizza right in front of you.

Most people, if put in this position cave, and that’s why it’s essential that they distance themselves from anyone who is not on board with similar health goals, at least at the beginning of your journey, when you are more vulnerable to set-backs.

If the people you surround yourself with are not mirroring what you want to have in your own personal life, you are just making things harder for yourself.

This is why, when focused on changing your mindset from a negative to a more positive one, the very first thing that needs tending is to take a close, honest assessment of those who are around you.

Ask yourself:

Are the people you are surrounding yourself with the ones who also maintain a positive mindset?

Are these people consonantly looking for ways to improve themselves – ways to grow as an individuals?

Are they involved with regular learning, regular action taking to improve their lives, and do they maintain a high degree of positivity on a day to day basis?

Now, this does not mean that you should ditch your closest friends that may not be 100% positive. However, if you find that your five closest people aren’t the positive action-taker and go-getter’s that you want to become yourself, then you simply may want to consider how much time you spend around them and start looking to connect with other people that are more oriented in this manner.

Remember, everyone, including you will go through some tough times when you just want to toss in the towel. Having positive people in yourlife, especially those who have been through similar situations, can help provide valuable tips and advice to make it easier for you.

Start now to build a support team – these people can come from anywhere, even those you meet and converse with online count. Surround yourself with these people and then you will be seeing a major difference in how your feel and how you approach your own life.

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