Learning is a “Process” not an End…

The ability to stay hungry and keep learning is as necessary and important a trait for anyone following the entrepreneurship path as perseverance and patience are.

Successful entrepreneurs thrive on the “experience” of learning.

In fact, possibly the greatest entrepreneur of all, Richard Branson himself states on Twitter that “Entrepreneurs must keep learning.” You think he knows something?

Learning is not just about what’s between the pages of a book cover. Although formal education plays into the process of success, it’s only part of the equation. What you learn between the covers of a book are only the beginning of your journey.


It’s not the “formal education” that makes you smart or successful but the ongoing seduction/learning that you embrace after leaving school.


Entrepreneurial Tips:

Successful entrepreneurs are always looking for new ideas to try and open themselves to expert advice by seeking out mentors in their respective fields. They know that continual learning is mandatory for continual success and seek out experts that can bring fresh new insights to whatever their current challenge is.

Successful entrepreneurs are open-minded, they do not get stuck in the successes or defeats of “yesterday.” They do not live in the past, but are ready and willing to explore new terrain and open themselves to new possibilities.

Successful entrepreneurs act boldly in any situation, and recover quickly from any supposed “set-back” learning what they need to/can and moving onto new territory.


Learning is a fun, amazing, mind-expanding, question-opening tool that transforms you into a better, more well-informed successful person/business person.

Learning is mandatory. It’s what brings excitement, fun, freshness and success to everything you do. Learning is evolution in process, you’re either in the process of evolving or you’re dying.


In this rapidly changing world – appropriately termed “information age,” information is readily available and moves at a rapid pace through the web. It is the perfect avenue to expand expertise and knowledge in any field or passion. Websites, blogs, webinars, seminars and ebooks all offer opportunities to open yourself to learning and expanding your knowledge base.

Failure to an entrepreneur is “par for the course” and part of the learning and growing process. Truth is, if you’re not improving, someone else is. 

Entrepreneurs don’t view learning as an “option” but as an “opportunity.” They don’t fall back on excuses but look for ways through any obstacle that may surface. And, they value those that have gone before and are not afraid to tap into their knowledge to access the “fast path” and avoid potential roadblocks or mistakes.

The reality is, if you’re not getting better, you’re getting worse. Surround yourself with “those in the know” …literally. The more you surround yourself with experienced or highly skilled people the more knowledge you open yourself to and the quicker your own growth.

Remember, positive people feel good about themselves and this translates to self-confidence and strong self-esteem. 

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