Mental-Toughness is Your Key to Dieting and Fitness Success…

metal toughnessLosing weight is mental first and requires a strong mindset/inner foundation in order to push through the tough times and succeed.

Let’s face, it, when your body is in a satiated state, food cravings are not all that difficult to deal with. However, when you diet, you are eating less energy than your body ideally wants to and so the first response from your body is to make you feel hunger and why most dieters often complain of feeling hungry.

As soon as those food cravings hit, hunger rears its ugly head, your will-power flies out the window, you can’t think of anything but food and the next thing you know, you’re off and running to the closest vending machine or grabbing the quickest available snack…no matter how damaging it is to your diet.

On the other hand, those who succeed with their dieting efforts are those who can push through this type of hunger despite experiencing these feelings. They are able to stick with their plan.

The only difference between the dieter who “pushes through” and one who “gives in” is mental toughness.



Mental toughness is similar to diligence, however, diligence is more about doing something each and every day (repetition) – forcing yourself to do something because you know it pays off in the end. Mental toughness is much shorter lived. It is about pushing through very tough times now – knowing that you must get through and then things will get better.

Those who are mentally tough persevere…they persist until they reach their goals whether they are dieting goals or goals they want to achieve at the gym.

Those with mental toughness are resilient and flexible. They rebound easily from upsets, mistakes and missed opportunities. They bounce back, change course and get back on track immediately. If they have had an exceptionally hard day at work and experienced set-backs to business, mental toughness is the fuel that puts them firmly back on the path.

Achieving a high level of mental toughness begins with baby steps – not tackling the toughest situation you find yourself in all at once and expecting successful results. Begin by placing your attention and focus on smaller things first. As your mental toughness grows, your confidence will also grow. You’ll be able to continue to push through and it gets easier and easier to repeat this on the harder tasks that come your way.

Research is revealing that mental toughness plays the most important role in achieving health, fitness, business and life goals. It’s a muscle you work-out just like you do your muscles at the gym and just as your muscles at the gym respond and grow bigger and stronger, so too does your mental toughness. The more you use it, the stronger and more available it gets.

Although talent plays an important role in any endeavor, its perseverance, grit and mental toughness that predicts your level of success or lack thereof more than any other trait and your fitness and nutrition plan is the perfect place to start and to develop the admirable trait of “mental toughness.” It will be the catalyst to success in all areas of your life.

Mental toughness takes time to build and develop but once it is built, this healthy trait will serve you well in all areas of your life for years to come.

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