Actions Turn Visions into Realty…

Vision and Action

Pushing through hard times takes lots of courage, determination, resilience, patience and tenacity among other healthy virtues.


Hard times are frustrating at best but everyone has to face them at some point. How you deal with them – as a victim or someone in control – determines whether or not your life is impacted in a positive or negative way.


The best way to stay on track in any endeavor and come out ahead is to have a “game plan” in place before you begin that you can turn to, one that helps you push through and promote the proper positive mindset despite the “seemingly” worst kinds of circumstances that you might be confronted with in your journey.

“Game-plan” is the keyword here. Your “game-plan” is essentially your “action plan.” Having an “action plan” in place helps to keep you moving forward – it gives you something to focus on and reach for.



Action plans are simple enough to put into place…

Start the process by thinking about what your situation is, where you currently are and where you would like to be going.

Now, ask yourself “how can I get there?”

What steps can I take that will move me in a positive direction towards my goal?

Let’s face the truth, no one has ever created anything by sitting on a chair and thinking about it. Imagining something is the first step in the creative process, and a very powerful one, but it does not end there. You must take your creation from your creative “inner screen” of imagination to the outer world of form and you do that by taking action.

Taking action lifts you out of “thinking/dwelling” on your situation – a passive bystander with little or no control – to one who takes action by putting forth solid effort to move themselves forward.


Action is the step that moves “energy” in the physical realm. Action steps energize you and make you feel better – they put you in control and erase any feelings of being a “victim.”


When you feel in control of your destiny and your future – you also feel empowered.

Think of it this way:

You’ve imagined writing a book. So, you wait and you wait for the right moment, but the right moment never comes. because, unfortunately, you’re trying to create from the outside in. That’s backwards. 


The correct process is to start writing your book, start moving the energy – and watch as the right moment reveals itself and the words begin to flow forth once you take action.

Connect your action step with your “inner vision” and watch as magic happens.


Sit on the sidelines and wait for the “right moment” and your book never happens. It’s the action step that finishes the creative equation.

Dreaming of a lean body with strong muscles and healthy bones? You’ll never get there by dreaming about it. Create an action plan, set it in place and most important of all, put it into play (don’t be afraid or too proud to ask for help when needed. Each one of us contributes a different perspective to issues and that “someone” may very well have the answer you are seeking). But, you’ll never know if you are too stubborn to “ask.”

If you are having trouble sticking to your exercise routines or getting yourself to the gym, it might be time to indulge the help of a personal trainer to get you physically and mentally back on track. If emotional eating is an issue with you, seek help from a counselor that deals in those sorts of issues. Receiving help from experts, helps us to regain control and begin moving in the right direction quickly and efficiently.

Most of all, remember that everything we do, provides a valuable lesson learned, information that we’ll use going forward. All experiences are learning experiences that help us to grow and become better individuals. Every experience should end by reflecting inward on what has been learned through the experience and how it can help you to further position yourself in the direction you want to go.

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