Diligence is Key to Achieving Success in All Areas of Your Life


If you look up the word “diligence” in the dictionary it is defined as:

“Careful and persistent work or effort.”

“Constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken; persistent exertion of the body or mind.”

With these definitions in mind, it is not hard to see why diligence is so important in all aspects of your life – health, nutrition, business, finance or fitness. It is one of the primary ingredients to success.



A diligent person is one who “finds the way around obstacles” rather than giving in to defeat. Unfortunately in today’s modern society that expects and wants instant results and “quick-fixes” diligence is becoming a rare trait. If people don’t get want they want “now” they move on to something else without so much as a “fight.” Their attitude and mentality is to “put out the minimum effort yet receive maximum pay.”

Truth is, there is no shortcuts in life…if you want something bad enough it requires work, dedication and determination. You must persevere if you want to achieve.

One who is diligent in their work ethic produces quality work. They are focused in their efforts, persistent and action oriented. They are careful, attentive and productive and without a doubt will achieve the success they are after.

One of the most important benefits you’ll receive as a diligent worker actually applies directly to you. You’ll feel a personal sense of self-satisfaction – the result of doing your best.

The next time you attempt to achieve a certain goal or complete a task, give it your all.  Invest all your energy and focus and adopt diligence as your “keyword.” Apply your complete energy and focus to what you have undertaken to achieve and don’t stop until you’ve finished your task fully and completely.



For example: if one of your fitness goals is to build more muscle, know before you begin that you have hours of hard work ahead of you. One or two trips to the gym is not going to suffice. It is not a short-term goal. You’ll need to hit the gym “diligently” for months before you begin to notice the size increase on the body part you have targeted. After you have achieved your goal, you will need to continue your practice of diligence in order to maintain your goals.

The key is to be consciously aware of how much hard work it’s going to take from the moment you begin your quest.  Knowing this sub-consciously does not get the job done. It must be a conscious effort…and you must accept that your goals are going to take work and lots of effort. Many people simply underestimate the amount of work that is needed before beginning or they over estimate how much work they are actually putting in.

Become diligent in your work ethic at the gym…and watch how this “attitude” spills over into other areas of your life such as business and financial success.

Diligence in any area of your life doesn’t come easily and takes time to build and develop but once it is built, this healthy attitude will serve you well in all areas of your life for years to come.

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