Exercise and Business Success are Related

chBeing strong, healthy and fit are the obvious benefits of working out but they are only secondary benefits. The most important benefit is honing your powers of personal development.

The more you immerse yourself in personal development, the more you realize how interconnected all aspects of life are. Living a holistic life with personal fitness as the core (our inner most strength) translates to growth and balance in all areas of our lives – career, relationships, finances and spirituality as well, so it’s not hard to see why exercise is one of the most important activities to integrate into our lifestyle.

The body and mind are intimately interconnected and the importance of physical fitness cannot be underestimated – it goes beyond mere physical benefits.



Aside from the nearly infinite list of physical health benefits you get by exercising your body, exercise is one of the best ways to do a mental workout too. In fact, the mental aspect is one of the key benefits of physical fitness because the attitude it takes to succeed is the same whatever it is you are trying to achieve and the principles you learn and develop in physical fitness can be used successfully in other areas of your life.

Truth is, your brain loves movement and performs better when you are in good shape. The more you exercise – the more you’re able to learn, create, and produce – the more successful you’ll be come. Your confidence and self-esteem get a boost when you’re looking and feeling good and this in turn reflects in your business and personal life.

Exercise not only boosts those feel-good endorphin’s and improves moods making us feel relaxed, refreshed, positive, and confident but it also makes us more productive entrepreneurs. Think of it this way, better health, better business. Studies reveal that those who exercise regularly earn 10 percent more on average than those who don’t exercise regularly how’s that for a sweet benefit?

Sir Richard Branson, one of the most respected entrepreneurs on the planet sums up the connection between exercise and success perfectly with these words, “If your body is sharp, your brain will be sharp.”



When you are fit and healthy you exhibit certain lifestyle habits along with characteristics and qualities that help shape you to become the absolute best that you can be. If you can succeed at building your fitness level up and taking proper care of your body then it’s likely that most often you’ll succeed in other areas of your life – the things you put your mind to.

Remember, studies reveal that “Entrepreneurship greatness and health go hand-in-hand. Each will teach you valuable lessons about the other.”

True personal fitness isn’t limited to nutrition and exercise – it is all about personal development, whether it’s development with your health, your family, your relationships, or your business

A Holistic entrepreneur understands that the state of their work is directly related to the state of their health.”

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