Health, Fitness and Business Success are Closely Related…

hgh levelsEntrepreneurs are a special breed of people. They realize that in order to get where they want to be, they will have to make sacrifices along the way…it’s all part of the game. In order to experience the success they seek, they will have to give up things that others simply won’t…this is what separates them from the crowd.

Unfortunately many entrepreneurs focus so much on achieving their outer goals that they forget to give their bodies the attention needed. The long hours and hectic pace they keep and the added stress compromises their health but they don’t become aware of it until they find themselves in their 50’s and beyond.

Suddenly they are up against premature aging and poor health. All those long hours, stress filled days and consistent demanding pace has taken its toll and their health is suffering and on a downward spiral.



The only way to combat this condition is regular challenging exercise. Exercise slows the aging process and will ensure that by the time you reach your 40’s you still feel great and enjoy all that life offers.

Research proves that exercise triggers genes and growth factors which in turn recycle and rejuvenate brain, muscle and body tissues.

Exercise offers a wealth of benefits:

Combats free radical damage: damage that takes place in the body which accelerates the process of aging. Every workout you perform, strengthens your protective shield against stress. You become stronger in body and mind and able to handle stress much easier.

Stimulates growth factors: Often called the “youth or fitness” hormones, human growth hormones (HGH) and your body’s stem cells travel via the blood stream to every cell, organ and tissue in your body including the brain where they initiate the recycling process. They make every single cell younger (and we’re not talking slightly here – we’re talking a whole lot younger), stronger and healthier.

Without physical movement that our bodies are designed for, there is no simulation and release of “growth and repair” hormones that renew, repair, and rebuild cells and tissues as they become old and worn out. Without this rejuvenation process invigorating our tired old cells we age at an accelerated rate and get sick.

We must face the fact that we were designed this way and these rejuvenating growth factors cannot be stimulated any other way. Intensity (degree of effort) of physical activity is one of the major key factors and the other factor that needs attention is our diet.



Eating healthy is another powerful strategy to slow the aging process and ward off disease. Simply replace all processed food “look-a-likes” with the REAL DEAL. You can only get the REAL DEAL from Mother Nature herself. Quality proteins, healthy fats and high amounts of fresh fruits and veggies.

This is what many entrepreneurs are not paying enough attention to. They have demanding schedules and many times will just grab the quickest thing available such as fast food in order to “get back to business.”

The truth is,  you won’t feel good about who you are and what you’ve become if you’ve aged heavily and your body is suffering in some way.

Ask yourself daily this question: “is the sum of all your daily actions impacting you in a positive or negative manner?” If you are doing more things that damage and bring your health down rather than boosting it up you are definitely on the “road of destruction” that will rear its ugly head in the near future compromising your health and your life.

There’s no time like now to put your best foot forward. Why waste another day?

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  1. That sounds great! It sounds like what I have been doing ,
    Most of my life. I grew up and continue to live in the country.
    I have eaten from the garden more than not. Fast food is 50
    To 100 miles away. Just the way I like it. The store isn’t a skip
    And a hope. And the greatest thing of all… do anything…
    Is an exercise. I am 43 and I feel great.

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