Successful Entrepreneurs are Healthy Entrepreneurs…

cheEntrepreneurship greatness and health go hand in hand. Each teaches a valuable lesson about the other and it’s a real shame that there are still many entrepreneurs under the impression that health is a necessary sacrifice now in order to live well later. Nothing is further from the truth.

True, entrepreneurship can make it challenging at best to stay healthy because it’s not easy to stop and set aside time from what you love doing in order to get your exercise in or take time to prepare yourself a healthy meal. But, the real truth is, “you get better at your business if you first take care of your health.”

“A fit person can function without a business, but a business cannot function without a fit owner! Not for the long haul anyway.”

Studies reveal that successful entrepreneurs are actually healthier than most people, taking responsibility and practicing self-care strategies like proper exercise, eating real foods and cultivating a healthy mindset to grow and lead their business to success.

They are fully aware that they must carve out time daily to exercise and stay strong and fit knowing that the sweat they release through determination and diligence in the gym returns with the reward of increased brain power, confidence and productivity. They know that regular exercise is the key that supercharges their efforts to execute a great business idea.



Exercising also releases hormones that boosts your mood, relaxes you and makes you feel confident and positive. You’ll enjoy all these business benefits (and more) when creating a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise:

Your brain is sharper, you have more clarity because your mind is cleared of junk.

You are more creative and able to follow through and stick to your plans when your brain works better.

You’ll enjoy accelerated learning and you’ll become better at problem solving and decision making.

You’ll be more dynamic and youthful and ready to conquer the world.

You’ll manage stress better and dissipate feelings of anxiety and worry before they build up and become damaging to your health.

Of course the best and single most important benefit of conducting a healthy life is that when you feel better…YOU will be happier.

Happiness on the inside helps you see the world differently – from a more healthy perspective. No longer will you see the “glass as half-empty but you’ll see it as half-full.”

In summary, muscles, bones, weight, and a disease proof body all benefit from regular physical fitness. It improves your mood, makes you sleep better, boosts your energy and improves your sex life. But the benefits don’t stop there – you’ll also enjoy key personal development benefits such as honing the mind, treating the body with respect and setting and achieving goals. All excellent attributes to cultivate.

Exercise is a habit that jump-starts positive traits and actions in other parts of your life. In the end, you would be hard pressed to find a more powerful way to boost productivity, feel better, be more energetic and live longer.

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