Boost Your Motivational Levels


Motivation is a magical energy. It is literally the “desire” to do something. The energy that pushes us forward. It can take us from no action to intense action in a split second it’s that powerful. It ebbs and flows like any other energy. Some days it feels more easily “on than others.

The crucial element in setting and reaching goals is without a doubt, motivation.

Lack this empowered feeling and what should be “ten pounds of weight” towards reaching a goal turns into an easy “fifty pounds” of heavy lifting.

The good news is, no one is permanently attached to any level of motivation they currently have. Research shows you are empowered and can influence your own levels of motivation and self-control.

There are creative tools you can use that will help boost your motivational levels so you can enjoy greater levels of success.


Motivational Tips to Keep You Committed


Play with others of like mind

If you don’t currently enjoy a circle of at least five people that you can surround yourself with that support and share your health and fitness goals, it’s time for you to actively find some. Surrounding yourself with people who are committed to leading active lifestyles will have a very positive effect at keeping you focused and committed towards your own health and fitness goals. Nearly all cities and large towns have fitness minded groups you can join. You can get together and enjoy fitness minded ventures as you socialize. It’s a win-win situation.


Challenge yourself to an event or race

If running is something you enjoy, enroll yourself in a race/event of some sort. If it’s swimming or walking, look for like-minded events. There are numerous kinds of races available now so finding one that meets your specific interests should not be that hard. Challenging yourself with a race will also provide you an alternate purpose for training. You won’t be doing it just to look and feel better but to achieve satisfactory results in your race.


Employ Smart Goal setting process

If your goals are not formulated properly, it will be much harder to reach them. Consider using the SMART goal setting process. SMART goals are: specific, measurable, attainable, and relevant and have a specific timeline in place. If your goal dos not satisfy these requirements then it’s time to set a new goal for yourself.

Make sure you continually reevaluate your goals as you make progress. Every 6-8 weeks take time to update them and adjust them to what’s most important in your life right now.


Keep an action log

chfitness0Keeping track of your progress in one form or another – pictures or journaling is the perfect avenue) and mandatory for motivational success. By writing down or documenting in some way the reps, sets, weight and so on that you do each day at the gym, you’ll have important tangible evidence that you are in fact getting stronger each time and moving closer to your goal.  This becomes the perfect inspirational tool to embrace on days when you feel as though you are not making the progress you hoped for.

Use a workout log for writing your workouts down.


Try new activities on a regular basis

Make sure you are taking the time to try new activities as you move through your exercise program. Try a new form of cardio training, possibly something you’ve never done before. Or, simply add some new strength training moves to your current workout routine. Whatever you choose…change is good.


Stay educated

It’s important to stay up to date on all the latest fitness information and theories because this takes you a long way towards staying committed. Increase your knowledge by reading fitness magazines on or offline. Doing this helps you to maintain the fitness and healthy mindset you need to call on when you are out of the gym. In effect, it allows you to “live it.”

Remember, motivational levels ebb and flow…they come and go.

This is natural and even the most motivated person will experience days when they cannot seem to “get motivated.” That’s all normal and fine. However, if your motivation starts to slip for days on end, you’ll need to take serious steps to get it back on track again.

“Just do it!” should be your mantra…

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