Know Yourself – Assess Your Strengths and Capabilities

Among the most crucial things you need to do to accomplish any sort of success is to be really truthful about yourself. You have to comprehend and get to know who you truly are.

You must be willing to honestly comprehend and assess your strengths and your capabilities. Realizing that is a really significant step of believing in yourself.

It is a general human tendency to want to be like others. When we see accomplished people performing, we often say “I wish I was like him or her.” Unfortunately, that does nothing towards fostering a healthy belief in ourselves. 

The most crucial thing we need to know and be aware of is what we are truly capable of.


Take a minute and think about what your fortes are. What your skills are and what you are able to do. You don’t need to be an expert, even some amount of knowledge in a certain area will do.

You have to know what you can do and what you are capable of. If you want to become a master at something, it is really important to be sure of yourself and not live under illusions.

Take a blank piece of paper and write these things down in the order you think you are best at down to the things you are least good at.

The first three things should be things you do really well followed by others that you are able to do fairly well. Follow this by those things that you may barely do but you may learn and improve upon. This little piece of paper that reveals what and who you are should be kept somewhere handy that you can look at often.

When you are trying to make a self-assessment, this realization will be exceedingly valuable to you.

Remember – don’t take what others say to you or about you at face value. They may be prejudiced in some way. You have to value yourself. When you know your limitations and your potentials, you know you are able to stand much better on your own.

The crux of all this is – do not take other people’s negative critiques blindly or as being the truth. They do not know you, neither do they comprehend or understand what you feel or know what you are capable of.

You are the only one who truly knows their own self-worth and capabilities and within the realms of this, you are the only one able to arrive at the decisions you ultimately make within your life.

Bottom line is this:

If you would like things, experiences, events in your life to change, if you would like your results to be different than they are now, first YOU must change.  If you are dissatisfied with your life, if you are feeling any kind of pain…it’s time for change.

Remember your power as a creator of your own life and don’t be afraid to repeat this affirmation to yourself:

“I can. Therefore I will!”

If you don’t like the results you see, you need to look at what it is that you are doing, or better yet, you need to look at who and what you are being, but never look to your past, you’re not going that way. Your past will never define who you are now. Who you are now is being created day-by-day.

The truth is, if you continue doing what you’ve always done, you will continue to get what you’ve always got.”  Or, to expand this statement: “If you continue to be who you have always been, you will continue to have what you have always had.

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