11 Techniques to Stay Focused and Productive…


It’s rare for any of us to have a day that is not full of tasks, chores and responsibilities. How we divide up those tasks – what we tend to first or leave for last either contributes to our success or subtracts from it.

It can be difficult at best to not only keep up with this never-ending list of things to do but to be productive doing it.

There are proven techniques used by super-productive people that can help us stay on track and focused on what needs to be accomplished first.


Fostering Super-productivity

Rise early: Successful business people and entrepreneurs do not “sleep in.” They take advantage of every waking hour they can by rising early – usually around 5 am. They are fully aware that they must make “wise” use of their time if they hope to be productive and successful. Get a good night’s sleep by going to bed earlier…not by sleeping late.

Focus: Focusing on the task at hand is paramount to getting it done in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. Successful people train themselves to focus so that distractions cannot disturb their intention to get the job done.

Get Organized: It is way easier to stay focused when working in an organized and clean workspace. Your mind is not distracted by all the clutter that would otherwise stall your output. If you really want to get the most out of your time, clean out your workspace and watch your productivity increase.

Single Tasking: Contrary to what most of us believe about multi-tasking it does not help your productivity, in fact, it is a time waster. It actually distributes your energy in many directions…rather than focusing it in one area. You need razor sharp focus if you want to super-productivity not diluted energy. So, drop what you currently believe about multi-tasking and stick to getting the job done with “single-tasking.” You’ll get more accomplished in less time.

Create a “to do” schedule: Super-productive people have clear agendas in front of them before starting. They make a list of tasks that need accomplishing putting the most important things first. This keeps the lesser tasks from getting in the way.

Prioritize: Focus first on the things that are most important to building your business. Once you have accomplished those for the day then focus on lesser important tasks that may not be business related.

Use your peak time wisely: There are certain times of day (especially mornings) when our energy reserves are high and we are most alert and focused. That’s when you need to be doing your most difficult tasks. Leave the easier mundane repetitive tasks for times when you are not necessarily at peak performance.

Time-out: Taking short breaks is as important to productivity and success as the work itself. When you head starts feeling a little fuzzy and your mind begins to lose focus, it’s time to get up and move around. It’s time for a “mind and body break.” Take a brisk walk in the fresh air, make yourself a nice cup of tea or coffee and enjoy the moment free and clear of any responsibilities. When you are finished your mind and your body will be ready to tackle “your stuff” again.

Avoid repetition: With energy reserves at a premium, you don’t want to be wasting them on repeating tasks that should have been done right the first time. Get it right the first time and you can move onto the next thing simple as that. You’ll accomplish way more by getting it right the first time around.

Follow through: Don’t stop the important things until you have finished them completely. Getting things “half-done or even nearly all the way done” does not cut it. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can accomplish and finish today.

Reward yourself: This is especially true for tasks that you dislike and don’t look forward to doing. Entice yourself with a reward at the end for a job well done.

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