Exercise Helps Your Productivity In Other Areas


There’s one thing that nearly all fit and healthy people have in common…

The ability to improve their productivity.

Although each one of us is allotted the same amount of time daily – 24 hours. It’s how we use that time that counts.

“Lack of time” is generally the most popular excuse when it comes to avoiding exercise.

But if those who use this excuse would take a closer “reality check” on how they use their energy on a daily basis they would realize that in fact, they do have plenty of time for exercise if they just give up a few hours watching TV or browsing on the Internet. Or maybe they just need to learn how to delegate certain tasks to other individuals who can easily take care of them in order to free up the time needed to exercise. Others just need to learn to say “no” to tasks they really do not have time for nor a desire to take on. Are you one of those people?

Whatever the case, leaning to manage and master schedules (energy) should be a priority. Many very successful CEO’s actually make a point of rising early in the morning in order to get their workout in. They are fully aware that anything can happen during the day that could possibly crowd out their workout so they make it a priority first thing in the morning.

The added bonus is that by engaging in a regular workout program, they actually increase their daily quota of energy, thus they have more to expend before it runs out.

Without a doubt, it takes determination and drive to stick to a fitness schedule. Even the fittest individual’s experience days when they do not want to work out but focus on the long-term gain they get by pushing through those days and so they do it anyway.


Using your energy reserves to be productive:

Energy is an expendable resource – meaning once it’s gone – it’s gone. We each only have so much energy allotted daily so it’s essential that we devote as much of it towards the tasks that pay off the most for us.

A regular fitness program will teach you how to manage your energy better leading to enhanced productivity in other areas of your life. As an added bonus, engaging in regular workouts will actually increase your daily quota of energy allowing giving you more energy for other projects. It’s definitely a win-win situation for you.

Those that experience success in business and finances are well aware that they must put their energy into things that will produce maximum results and stay away from those that only suck their energy dry but don’t have a high enough payoff.

In review:

Leaning how to be productive takes managing your schedule correctly so that you not only make time for regular workouts (eliminating some of your dead TV or Internet time…or whatever), but that you also expend energy on what serves you well rather than depleting your energy reserves on things that give you no return on your energy investment.

Engaging in regular workouts will actually increase your daily quota of energy.

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