Nutrient Dense Eating – Focus On Foods that Contribute to Your Health

chfitnessnowSince stress is often an open gateway to a myriad of other health issues such as fatigue, depression and anxiety, failing to manage stress (all too prevalent in an entrepreneur’s life) can have dire consequences on health.

The reality is, well-nourished bodies are much better equipped to cope with stress so it pays to be mindful of what you are eating.

Adhering to a nutrient dense diet is key. It’s the “new old way to eat”…the way our ancestors enjoyed foods before they became sugar and sodium laden, fat processed and non-nutrient food look-a-likes.

Breakfast, considered the most important meal of the day by many nutritionists, is the perfect place to start. Your morning meal is the first energy/calories you will be putting into your body as you begin to exert energy for the day. They need to be nutrient dense calories, those that keep your energy levels high and your mind clear and sharp.

Feed it the wrong foods, those that lack nutrients and rob your body and you could very well begin your day in a “mind-fog.” Without clarity of mind, it’s difficult at best to make the best decisions concerning business and personal life.

Nutrient dense eating is not a diet but a way of life. 

Focus automatically shifts from concentrating on weight-loss to focusing on overall health benefits and long term gains – eating foods that nourish the body and shying away from any that don’t.



Healthy Results that can be achieved when nutrient dense eating is supported by a challenging strength-training exercise program are: a detoxed body, natural weight loss, improved health, high energy levels, disease reversal, maximized longevity, slower aging and a younger look are all the healthy results achieved by eating a nutrient dense diet combined with consistent exercise.

Imagine detoxing your body from the buildup of years of chemicals and toxins that are currently causing the overweight conditions or healthy complications you find yourself in? Right on key, your body automatically begins to heal itself, digestion improves, and energy soars, your mood rises, shifts and lift, your skin takes on a healthy glow and emits a more youthful radiance. You’re more relaxed and sleep better (lack of sleep only increases stress levels and may cause you to think irrationally).

Bottom line is, overall health will be greatly improved and you’ll feel cleaner and lighter than ever as you lose excess weight naturally simply by eating the way you were meant to eat, in-tune with your body and its systems.

When you’re finally honoring your body and feeding it what it needs – nutrients, you feel balanced, relaxed and happy.

Let’s face it, life happens. It’s what we wake to everyday and the environment we must learn to “thrive” not just survive in. Stress is not going away. The only thing we can really control is how we react to and control our stress levels.

Nutrition and fitness control your reactions to stress. They are an entrepreneurs “right-hand” tools.

Give yourself the “stress advantage” by fueling your body with high-grade fuel/nutrient dense foods paired with consistent challenging exercise and watch as clarity of mind guides you through stressful moments in the most peaceful way possible.

There’s no time like now to put your best foot forward. Why waste another day?

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