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Have you ever wondered when the best time of day is to exercise or if there is even a “perfect time?”

Healthy entrepreneurs will often exercise first thing in the morning. They are fully aware of how busy their lives are and know that if they don’t make exercise a priority in their lives that it’s likely that something will come between them and their routines at some point during their day. They are also fully aware of how exercise can sharpen the mind and set them up for clarity as well as rev their engines up (kicking their metabolism in) with plenty of energy for their busy day.

But, what about you? What is your perfect time to exercise?


Your perfect time

The perfect time for exercise is the “best time for you.” This equation works out differently for everyone because everyone has different preferences.

It’s really that simple so don’t over complicate it. We all live different lives and must make that determination for ourselves. The perfect time to exercise is the time that you will do it consistently and based on many factors including: type of activity you choose to do and the location and time of day you are doing it.

Some people are tighter on time than others and choose to break up their exercise into shorter increments such as 10 minutes at a time while others choose to get their daily workouts in in one session.

Other people are not “morning” people so getting up early in order to get exercise in just doesn’t work for these individuals and in fact, may eventually cause them to give up exercise altogether. Truth is, the time of day can and does influence how you “feel” about exercising because of the body’s circadian rhythm. You are either an early bird or a night owl and only you can determine that by your feelings when exercising.

Although many people believe that people who exercise in the morning tend to do better and stick to it longer, the trick is to find what works for you and stick to it – make it a habit. Don’t try and be like “everyone else” or feel as though you must copy what your best friend is doing just because it works for them.


Things to consider

But do take your sleep into consideration because you don’t want to sabotage your body’s urge to sleep and exercising too late can do that because it raises your heart rate – not conducive to a good night’s sleep. And, without a good night’s sleep you won’t feel up to par the next day and the likelihood of skipping your workout that day looms big so you really don’t gain anything from it.

And, don’t exercise right after eating a meal because your body will use this energy to digest your food rather than sending blood to your muscles. Wait approximately 90 minutes before exercising.

Although more is better, any kind of exercise is better than sitting still and leading a sedentary lifestyle. No matter what time of day you choose is best for you the same amount of calories are going to be burned and your body still receives the benefits whether its morning, noon or early evening.

So, just do it!

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