What Your Priority List Reveals About Your Self-Worth…


What your priority list reveals about your self-worth and how your self-worth dictates priority list… they are intimately linked.

Getting to the root of why you are not presently taking healthy consistent actions to permanently solve your body and health problems takes some seriously honest self-reflection. 

In order to make health and fitness a primary objective, the first thing you must do is examine how you “value” yourself, your self-esteem. What is your self-worth and what’s on top of your priority list?

That’s all that really matters and the standard from which your actions spring from. It effects every area of your life.

The reality is, you are the only person you can control and the only person that can benefit from your passion to live a much higher quality of life is YOU. YOU are the one empowered to do so for yourself, no one else can touch your controls.

You must consciously, with intent, make up your mind and decide without waver that YOU really do deserve to look and feel your best and then take the proper action steps towards getting there. You must stop treating your health and fitness as an option that is out of your control and embrace the fact that greater mentality and emotional health with higher levels of energy are your birthright. You must make them the priority and place them at the top of your “value list” rather than simply taking them for granted.

You must “perceive it” from the point of view that settling for anything less than the best for yourself is nothing less than disrespectful and undeserving of yourself. You are worth way more than that.

That’s the attitude you need to nurture and own.

When you shift how you view yourself (your perspective), you automatically place your health and fitness at the top of your “value scale.” They become your priorities rather than disposable tasks. You begin making healthier decisions automatically because you are coming from healthier perspectives about yourself.

When you make the firm decision to leave your “unhealthy, feel bad body” and go after a “feel good, strong, energetic, fit body” you make a declaration about who you are and what you are prepared to accept for your life.



This means you will no longer settle for nor will you continue to spend your days enjoying anything less than excellent health and high levels of energy.

Don’t fall into the trap that snares others who end up suffering poor health physically and emotionally. Even if health has never been a priority in your life before now, you can begin right this moment, no matter what your age to making good healthy decisions concerning your life and daily habits.

Never settle for less…remember your value. Putting your health and fitness first is about looking after YOU.

You know in your heart that “nothing good in life will simply drop into your lap” – you must decide what you want from life, and then take action to GET IT.

No one is empowered to flip this “switch” inside of you, but you. This is your “journey to health and fitness” – you are in control and it begins with your values.

To effect real change in your life, you must supply the reasons, the motivations for doing so. If you don’t value yourself enough to believe you deserve something, you will never be motivated to earnestly reach for it.

Health is the greatest wealth you can achieve and the grand-prize for achieving it is “living.” It is the greatest single investment you can ever make.

Your personal health is the most valuable possession you have and without it no other possession has meaning. If you truly value yourself and your health then “go for it”…take the necessary action steps required to bring it into manifestation. Every single day is under your control and open to new possibilities.

Maintaining a healthy, fit, lifestyle is a commitment to regular exercise and healthy eating on an ongoing basis. Don’t wait for a health crisis/diagnosis to shock you into placing “value” where it needs to be. Do everything you can to stay healthier longer now.

Love and value yourself, know your self-worth and honor it. Everything else including your health, fitness and happiness will follow suit.

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