Empower Your Mind and Body Using Exercise



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If you’re trying to be the best at what you do, no matter what that might be, you must learn to connect on a deeper level with your “inner self” because that’s where the “power controls” are located.

Different forms of meditation such as sitting and walking meditation can help you do just that.

However, there is another empowering way to getting acquainted with your “inner power center,” your intuitive voice. It is every bit as powerful as meditation is and readily available to everyone alike – that key is exercise.

In order to “hear” our inner voice of intuition we must quiet the demanding louder voice that constantly controls our attention and emotional reactions and exercise empowers us to do just that.


Mind Powerchfitness-health

Exercise strengthens our ability to control the mind. When we exercise, breathe deeply and get our hearts pumping and pounding, we actually force out lower annoying thoughts and emotions that are trying to control us. This allows the quieter “inner voice” of intuition to be heard.

Approximately forty-five minutes of challenging exercise, pulsing new energy throughout our bodies, expands the mind and invites in a much bigger, expanded and more amazing vision of our life purpose.

Exercise empowers us to rise above our “lazy” inclinations and take hold of our selfish demanding egos. It forces the rapid circulation of oxygen and blood through our brain causing our perceptions to shift and expand. No longer do mental limits and borders present barriers as our new perceptions invite “new expanded possibilities” into our conscious space.

Exercise boosts our energy reserves and is key to releasing powerful endorphin’s. These feel-good chemicals flood our brains with “good feelings.” When our brains are filled to the brim with “happy thoughts” and open to expanded possibilities, any negative, lack filled or poverty type of conscious thinking gets blocked from taking hold.

You can’t put negative thoughts into a space that is already occupied and filled by positive thoughts.

The euphoric feeling that exercise provides us makes us feel unstoppable no matter what we do.

It’s impossible to mention every form of exercise because there is such a hug variety. Each person needs to reflect upon their personal needs and goals and listen to what their bodies are telling them and gravitate towards it.

Whatever it is, it must include fun in the definition. In other words, choose something you enjoy doing long-term so that you stick with it. If you find your exercise routine too difficult or totally non-enjoyable, it will become a thing of the past very fast.

No matter what your goals are or what visions you may hold in your heart – be they job related, financial, health, or personal relationships, exercise is key to busting through any current limitations that may be hindering your progress.

Don’t be a victim to your lower mind thoughts, super health is at your finger-tips.

best-youExercise is the key to releasing powerful endorphins and raising your vibration higher, flooding your mind with empowering, motivating, happy, successful thoughts.

The Law of Attraction is a powerful law that has captured the attention of millions and catapulted the word “manifesting” to new dimensions.

When you embrace exercise as a mandatory daily activity, it allows you to live at a higher vibration. Living at a higher vibration allows manifesting to almost become magical and effortless because the negative “thought blockages” have been cleared.

If “manifesting” health, wealth, and lasting loving relationships is important to you, look no further than your next workout.

Remember, positive people feel good about themselves and this translates to self-confidence and strong self-esteem.

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Mental, Emotional and Physical Strength Work Together


Most of us have heard at one time or another that disease and debilitating illness is most often stress induced. Since stress is essentially part of life and affects all of us at one time or another, how we deal with stress dictates how stress deals with us.

Healthy successful entrepreneurs have learned to deal with their stress level before it deals with them.

If we truly want to follow in their footsteps down the road of success, learning how to deal with and reduce stress in our own lives is mandatory. They have not eliminated stress, in fact, they likely have a great deal of stress, but they neutralize it mentally and emotionally and know what action steps to take, what physical or mental exercise to perform in order to release and alleviate stress.

Physical activity shapes and challenges our body to be stronger, it’s a good thing. And, although physical activity does contribute to a healthy mind, helping reduce stress levels, the mind, like the body needs some solo attention. It requires its own space and time to heal when the body is quiet and at rest.

Stress manifests in many ways such as depression, mood swings, weight gain and illness. If we hope to achieve the balance our body is crying out for we must address our physical body through challenging exercise and our mental/emotional state with some form of exercise too. Everything needs attention and strengthening.

Our minds need the same kind of nourishing and personal attention that the body does…some form of exercise that builds its muscles (its resolve) or it will continue to weaken and fall prey to destructive thoughts.

Without first attending to our “inner selves” (mental and emotional) where the controls are, we soon give in to stress, destructive feelings and eventually actions such as anger and violence. Some form of inner meditation is needed to put us “in touch” with the strength needed to effectively deal with stress in a positive manner. That strength is “located in our inner muscles.”

Stress not only makes us miserable and reduces the quality of our lives, but it taxes our immune system to the max – opening the door to illness and disease. Although the immune system is an amazing arsenal of defense, enough extreme stress can have devastating effects on its strength and function.

Stress rears its ugly head a few different ways:

Acute stress – The kind we experience most often is acute stress. It’s those little annoyances and bumps in the road of life that challenge our resolve for peace. We react to these situations emotionally with anger, anxiety or irritable mood. This type of stress of often causes physical symptoms like head-aches or back pain. Short tempered anger, ceaseless worry, anxiety, high blood pressure and heart disease are all the result of frequent bouts of recurring stress.

Chronic stressThis type of stress is the most draining and dangerous type of stress because it consistently pounds on you from all angles, wearing you down day after day. The source of chronic stress is often times a condition that you cannot presently see any way out of. It prevents you from feeling whole and content as a human. Chronic stress if left alone can eventually lead to the worst of health conditions such as heart attack and stroke. Destructive actions such as violence and suicide, are most often the result of chronic stress.

Stress weaves its way throughout our whole body and effects all our body systems. Our respiratory, muscular-skeletal, cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal and reproductive systems are all negatively affected by stress.

There are many methods readily available to proactively deal with stress and physical activity is a great place to start. Taking time out of your week for exercise sessions helps release bottled up emotions and reduce tension helping to alleviate stress.

However, adding some form of relaxation techniques like self-hypnosis or meditation is key and takes it to another level because the focus shifts from physical strength to emotional and mental peace.

It can drop your blood pressure and oxygen consumption and reduce the release of stress hormones. This is in stark contrast to the body’s stress response which kicks in stress hormones like cortisol…the “fight or flight” hormone. Using exercise as a form of “moving mediation” can be a very effective and time efficient “stress dissipating” method.

If you don’t already have one, it’s time to find some form of relaxation, meditation and or exercise technique that is “stress dissipating,” effective and time efficient that works for you. It’s only fair to give your mind the same respect you give your body and provide it the tools needed to survive in a world that demands so much on all levels of existence.

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Healthy Self-Esteem is Mandatory for Success in Life

you are wonderful!“People do not get what they want in life, they get what they believe they deserve.”

And, this is why your self-esteem is so important. In truth, you are the one that holds the key to making all your dreams come true.

Be it low or high, self-esteem is what influences your choices and decisions and in the end, your behavior.

Healthy self-esteem is without a doubt an integral key to long-term lasting success at anything and that includes your health which is paramount to success at all other things. It directly effects your confidence and self-image levels.


Damaging Low Self-Esteem

Low self-esteem causes you to place little or no value on yourself. It negatively effects your confidence levels.  Without confidence in what you are able to achieve, what chance do you have for happiness or success?

Those experiencing low self-esteem have a poor image of themselves and find it harder to socialize. Even setting goals is negatively affected because low self-esteem will not allow you to believe that you deserve to reach them. If you cannot believe that you deserve to reach your goals then you will never be motivated to manifest them.

Additionally, when it comes to overcoming adversity, those with low self-esteem are not resilient. They regard themselves as unworthy to achieve therefore allowing important issues to slide undone.

All low self-esteem does is keep you stuck, frustrated and unhappy. It drags you down and holds you down. It’s like “driving through life with you hand brake on.”


Benefits of High Self-Esteem

On the other hand, people that enjoy high self-esteem are motivated to take personal care of themselves while exploring their full potential. They like and respect themselves and strive towards fulfilling their personal aspirations and goals.

In reality, nothing good in life ever simply drops into your lap – you must decide for yourself what it is you want from life and then “go get it!”

Once you know that you are empowered to “flip the switch” and better yourself, you’ll refuse to settle for less than you should.

In order to shift from low self-esteem to high self-esteem you must know without a doubt that you really do deserve the best and decide that you will not settle for anything less than this. You must know where your power lies…within, not without. You must begin making decisions that enhance the value of your life rather than tearing it down.

You must monitor your mind to only believe positive things about yourself and stop comparing yourself to others. No two lives are identical and doing this only brings you down. Improve and adjust your self-image and rest on your own laurels. Appreciate you…for all that you are.

Increase your self-esteem and watch as other areas of your life such as “positive thinking” get a boost too.

Bottom line is this: Your potential to achieve in life is directly related to how you feel about yourself – your self-esteem.

Until you value yourself, you will never value and respect others. Place high value on yourself and your unique contribution to the world and watch as the world values you back.

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Rise and Shine – Exercise Empowers You and Makes Your Morning Count…

rans2What sounds painful but feels so good? Rising early and exercising first thing.

Easier said than done right?

The reality is, getting up early and exercising first thing doesn’t initially appeal to many people…especially those who have developed the habit of “sleeping in.”

Whether it appeals to them or not, ongoing research proves that morning people are proactive and more productive and successful in their professional lives. Add exercise to the equation and you have a working formula for building a healthy body, a sharp mind and ultimately a successful life.

Exercising addresses not only your physical fitness but your emotional and your mental states as well. Let’s face it, it is much easier to make important business decisions and take action on those decisions throughout your day when your mind is clear and sharp and your body feels energized. That’s what exercise does for you. Why would you want to waste these attributes by waiting to exercise late in the day after you’ve made your decisions and taken your actions?

When you are internally and externally strong, your ability to achieve success and abundance is much greater.


Priorities are how you expend your daily energy consciously or subconsciously. Exercise must become a priority in your life and the best way to do that is to make it the first activity for the day before life’s many distractions and demands get in the way. You’ll not only get a super boost of energy, but you’ll enjoy and feel the benefits of the endorphin kick that exercise offers and feel good about yourself. When you feel empowered and good about yourself, you’ll be much more inclined to take the time to treat yourself to nutritious meals throughout your day adding another layer of health sort of like a domino effect.

Not a “morning person?” That may be true at the moment because it is the present perception you carry about your self, but perceptions can be changed by desire and will. Change your perceptions and your habits change.

What do you really want? If health and fitness are high on your priority list then becoming a “morning person” will be much easier.



Here’s some valuable tips to get you motivated and on track for your morning workout routine:

Prepare your Gear: If you prepare for your workout ahead of time, you’ll be much less likely to skip it. Set your workout clothes out the night before…socks, shoes and all. Get your sports bottle ready so when you wake in the morning all you’ll need to do is put on your workout gear and get going.

Pre-Program: Have your routine already in place in your mind before you retire the night before so there is no doubt about what you are to accomplish when you wake up.

Prepare the coffee: Have your coffee all set and ready for the “start” button the night before so you can focus on getting out the door as quickly as possible.

Alarm: Move your alarm away from your bedside so that when it goes off you have to get up out of bed to turn it off. You’ll be much less likely to hit the snooze button and sleep in. Some people even set multiple alarms. Turn the lights on and do what gets you moving.

Crash early: It’s much easier to rise in the morning and get moving when your body has gotten a complete night’s sleep. That means when you are scheduled for your morning workout, you retire a bit earlier rather than staying up to watch that late night movie. The movie will soon be forgotten but the benefits of getting a good night’s sleep and challenging workout in the next morning stay with you.

Pair with a partner: Especially helpful for those developing the habit of rising early and getting to the gym first thing but works for even the die-hard pro. Having someone to answer to is priceless. You’ll be less likely to skip your workout if someone is waiting for you.

Reward: Everyone loves a reward…it gives us something to look forward to. Your reward can be something you eat or something you do…whatever it is that might give you that boost of pleasure and motivate you to get your workout in will work. The sky is the limit.

Once you begin to feel the effects that your early morning exercise routine offers, it becomes easier and easier to motivate yourself to get it done. The bottom line is this:

“Just do it!”…

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Strengthen Your Mind like You Strengthen Your Body by Using It…

concentration2Strengthening your mind can be compared to strengthening your body. Both involve muscles.

The muscles of the brain are strengthened from activity and exercise the same way that your body’s other muscles are…or they sit and atrophy if not used and challenged the same way your body’s muscles do.

Let’s face it, you cannot build strong body muscles by sitting on the couch all day and neither can you build your mind musclesyour strong powers of concentration and attention when you are not challenging your mind muscles.

Mind muscles, just like the other muscles in the body require stimulation and resistance in the form of challenges in order to stretch current limitations, grow and increase focus, attention and concentration.

Attention is the ability to place focus on certain stimulus or train of thought while ignoring everything else.

Attention mastery begins when we are able to direct our attention away from distractions and keep focused on and working towards what’s important. What we put our attention towards and what we ignore directly shapes our reality because we’re working with energy.

In reality, it’s way too easy to get “mind” distracted these days. With all the social sites and digital technology readily at our fingertips the temptation to stray off to Facebook or read a few emails for a few minutes is all too real. It takes willpower to ignore these types of distractions and stay focused on the issue at hand.

Admonishments from parents or past teachers come ringing in our ears – “Pay attention” is all too familiar to most of us.


Practice makes perfect: Gaining mastery over your mind and how it operates and uses its energy allotment is not unlike working out your body.

Developing and increasing your powers of concentration and attention is similar to developing physical strength – you can increase the duration and quality of your attention and focus with patience, persistence and practice.

Multi-tasking is a no-no. It is detrimental to staying focused and putting attention in one area, so it’s important to stop multi-tasking. You might believe you area accomplishing a few things at one time but in reality, you are only shifting your attention back and forth between tasks and diluting your energy on each one. Since you are only allotted so much of this “attention fuel” if you waste it juggling your attention energy then your brain likely won’t have the juice to plow through the really important stuff when it arrives.

Using your mind only once in a while for intense purposes of concentration will not help you to increase your focus and attention. Work-out your mind several times daily for short periods of time if you really want to challenge it.


Use it or Lose it:

Some key tips to strengthening your mind power…

Be mindful: As you go about your day, direct and focus your attention on your ordinary everyday activities that you are doing in the moment. When something comes along that you really need to concentrate on your mind will be calm and ready to produce optimal results rather than scattered in a million different directions trying to multi-task.

Refresh and refocus: When energy levels are low and you feel your concentration fading, immediately refocus your mind and affirm your intention to concentrate and be focused. Give yourself a true “wake-up” call and be firm but gentle with yourself.

Learn something new: According to Einstein – anyone that spends 15 minutes a day learning something new, will in a year or so become an expert! Take a challenging new class. Try chess, tai chi, yoga, or take up the piano or get involved in art classes. Challenge your mind to learn something new.

Get our of your routine: Make your brain feel uncomfortable. Activate the other side of your brain by doing the opposite of what feels natural. It’s a great way to gain access to both hemispheres. Use your other hand to write with or play games such as table tennis, use your mouse with your other hand. Challenge your brain to create new neural pathways and connections.

Remember, the mind like the body requires time to recover after being used intensively. So, getting the proper rest for your mind…just like you give your body between workouts is important to maintaining “mind” health.

Super concentration, attention to the moment and productivity will be your rewards.

Developing mental toughness, concentration and attention does not happen overnight. It takes patience and time to build and develop these healthy traits  but once they are built, they will serve you well in all areas of your life for years to come.

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Start Your Day the Health Shake Way…

chfitness9Looking to get the most out of your day? Do you see the value in being alert, sharp and clear in mind when making business or even personal decisions? Are you struggling to lose weight?

Enjoying a healthy breakfast is key to kick starting your metabolism and burning more calories. It provides energy to accomplish things, a razor sharp focus for any decisions that come your way and studies reveal that it also sharpens memory and concentration. [Read more…]

Your Perfect Time for Exercise…

fitness time1

Have you ever wondered when the best time of day is to exercise or if there is even a “perfect time?”

Healthy entrepreneurs will often exercise first thing in the morning. They are fully aware of how busy their lives are and know that if they don’t make exercise a priority in their lives that it’s likely that something will come between them and their routines at some point during their day. They are also fully aware of how exercise can sharpen the mind and set them up for clarity as well as rev their engines up (kicking their metabolism in) with plenty of energy for their busy day.

But, what about you? What is your perfect time to exercise?


Your perfect time

The perfect time for exercise is the “best time for you.” This equation works out differently for everyone because everyone has different preferences.

It’s really that simple so don’t over complicate it. We all live different lives and must make that determination for ourselves. The perfect time to exercise is the time that you will do it consistently and based on many factors including: type of activity you choose to do and the location and time of day you are doing it.

Some people are tighter on time than others and choose to break up their exercise into shorter increments such as 10 minutes at a time while others choose to get their daily workouts in in one session.

Other people are not “morning” people so getting up early in order to get exercise in just doesn’t work for these individuals and in fact, may eventually cause them to give up exercise altogether. Truth is, the time of day can and does influence how you “feel” about exercising because of the body’s circadian rhythm. You are either an early bird or a night owl and only you can determine that by your feelings when exercising.

Although many people believe that people who exercise in the morning tend to do better and stick to it longer, the trick is to find what works for you and stick to it – make it a habit. Don’t try and be like “everyone else” or feel as though you must copy what your best friend is doing just because it works for them.


Things to consider

But do take your sleep into consideration because you don’t want to sabotage your body’s urge to sleep and exercising too late can do that because it raises your heart rate – not conducive to a good night’s sleep. And, without a good night’s sleep you won’t feel up to par the next day and the likelihood of skipping your workout that day looms big so you really don’t gain anything from it.

And, don’t exercise right after eating a meal because your body will use this energy to digest your food rather than sending blood to your muscles. Wait approximately 90 minutes before exercising.

Although more is better, any kind of exercise is better than sitting still and leading a sedentary lifestyle. No matter what time of day you choose is best for you the same amount of calories are going to be burned and your body still receives the benefits whether its morning, noon or early evening.

So, just do it!

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Exercise Helps Your Productivity In Other Areas


There’s one thing that nearly all fit and healthy people have in common…

The ability to improve their productivity.

Although each one of us is allotted the same amount of time daily – 24 hours. It’s how we use that time that counts.

“Lack of time” is generally the most popular excuse when it comes to avoiding exercise. [Read more…]

Exercise and Brain Health…

healthy mind healthy body


While it’s true that many areas of your health will be positively impacted when you stick to a regular exercise program, you may not realize the serious implications it presents for brain health as well. Most likely you are focused on burning calories, changing your body composition, building muscle or strengthening your cardiovascular system.

Truth is, exercise is key to reaching portions of your brain and thought processes that you would otherwise never reach. It can literally change brain anatomy and physiology. It prepares and encourages nerve cells to bind to each other and stimulates the development of new nerve cells from stem cells located in the hippocampus – an area of the brain related to learning and memory.



Because the human brain evolved under conditions of near constant motion, it would seem that the “optimal environment for processing information would include motion.” Indeed that is exactly what one finds.

Seems regular exercise boosts brain power the same way that physical activity strengthens your muscles. In 30 minutes of exercise we can gain brain matter, have better cognitive skills, improve our memory, increase alertness and learn better.

Regular exercise helps to clear the mind and once the mind is clear and you are able to think clearly, you open the way for great ideas to manifest. You easily solve present issues and let go of old ones that you have no control over during an exercise session and the end result is a clean slate. If you don’t clear your mind slate eventually your internal mess creates “internal stress” and that’s what shortens your lifespan.

One study in Neurology revealed that exercise helps to slow brain shrinkage in those with early Alzheimer’s disease. Adults diagnosed with early Alzheimer’s who were less active physically had 4 times more brain shrinkage than normal older adults.

And studies don’t stop there. Even the youth prove that exercise is mandatory to good brain health. According to research, students with high levels of cardiovascular fitness fare better in subjects like English, Science and Mathematics than those that are less active.

Because brain cells depend very heavily on oxygen (increased oxygen is associated with optimal brain functioning),  it turns out your exercise sessions provide more than that “feel-good endorphin boost” – they increase oxygen flow to the brain giving you an oxygen high resulting in mental sharpness.



Proper exercise does not need to be time consuming nor does it have to be tortuous for you to reap the benefits that serve for the long haul. However, as we age, exercise is not negotiable…it is mandatory because if your brain is not functioning optimally, you won’t be living to your full potential.

Besides all the physical benefits that exercise provides, exercise is a drug for your brain.

It boosts brain power, soothes the soul and improves over-all well-being. We’d be wise to spend less time sitting in front of a computer or in a classroom environment studying and more time focused on physical activity.

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Mental-Toughness is Your Key to Dieting and Fitness Success…

metal toughnessLosing weight is mental first and requires a strong mindset/inner foundation in order to push through the tough times and succeed.

Let’s face, it, when your body is in a satiated state, food cravings are not all that difficult to deal with. However, when you diet, you are eating less energy than your body ideally wants to and so the first response from your body is to make you feel hunger and why most dieters often complain of feeling hungry.

As soon as those food cravings hit, hunger rears its ugly head, your will-power flies out the window, you can’t think of anything but food and the next thing you know, you’re off and running to the closest vending machine or grabbing the quickest available snack…no matter how damaging it is to your diet.

On the other hand, those who succeed with their dieting efforts are those who can push through this type of hunger despite experiencing these feelings. They are able to stick with their plan.

The only difference between the dieter who “pushes through” and one who “gives in” is mental toughness.



Mental toughness is similar to diligence, however, diligence is more about doing something each and every day (repetition) – forcing yourself to do something because you know it pays off in the end. Mental toughness is much shorter lived. It is about pushing through very tough times now – knowing that you must get through and then things will get better.

Those who are mentally tough persevere…they persist until they reach their goals whether they are dieting goals or goals they want to achieve at the gym.

Those with mental toughness are resilient and flexible. They rebound easily from upsets, mistakes and missed opportunities. They bounce back, change course and get back on track immediately. If they have had an exceptionally hard day at work and experienced set-backs to business, mental toughness is the fuel that puts them firmly back on the path.

Achieving a high level of mental toughness begins with baby steps – not tackling the toughest situation you find yourself in all at once and expecting successful results. Begin by placing your attention and focus on smaller things first. As your mental toughness grows, your confidence will also grow. You’ll be able to continue to push through and it gets easier and easier to repeat this on the harder tasks that come your way.

Research is revealing that mental toughness plays the most important role in achieving health, fitness, business and life goals. It’s a muscle you work-out just like you do your muscles at the gym and just as your muscles at the gym respond and grow bigger and stronger, so too does your mental toughness. The more you use it, the stronger and more available it gets.

Although talent plays an important role in any endeavor, its perseverance, grit and mental toughness that predicts your level of success or lack thereof more than any other trait and your fitness and nutrition plan is the perfect place to start and to develop the admirable trait of “mental toughness.” It will be the catalyst to success in all areas of your life.

Mental toughness takes time to build and develop but once it is built, this healthy trait will serve you well in all areas of your life for years to come.

Discover the missing strategy that has kept you from reaching the level of success you dream about.

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